What is Hamlet’s Friends?

We are a team of professionals from Spain and Germany. Urbanites that love the countryside and have therefore decided to create a space that combines the best of both worlds. A space that provides all the infrastructure that we are used to in the city while enjoying nature.

Where is the village?

The village will be in Spain. Currently we are looking for an ideal village that meets all the requirements.

When will the village be launched?

As soon as we have found a village, we will immediately start the repair work. We expect a launch in early 2021.

How many Friends will live in the village?

In order to keep the peace in the village, the number of Friends living in the village at the same time will be limited to a maximum of 200.

What kind of housing do you plan to provide?

The right one for everyone. Whether you visit the village alone or with friends and family: The flexible village sharing concept allows the villagers to always reserve the ideal accommodation for their stay.

What other infrastructure do you plan to provide?

The village will have the most necessary infrastructure. However, we make sure that everything the Friends need for their everyday life is available in the village or in the immediate vicinity. To this end, we will also set up a shuttle service to provide the village and its inhabitants with the most important things on demand.

Will there be internet in the village?

Of course. A perfect internet connection is the most important thing for the Friends, who eventually will come to the village to work. We want there to be the best reception in the whole village.

Will there be daycare for your kids?

We will take care that there will be on-demand daycare for small children.

Will there be sport and culture offerings in the village?

The Friends decide what the cultural and sporting activities will be. There will be something for everyone.

Will there be a bar or restaurant in the village?

At the beginning there will be a small bistro. Sooner or later there will be a restaurant, a bar and other offers. There are also culinary offers in the surrounding villages. In any case all apartments have kitchens.

How can I contact you?

Easy. Write us at here!

What are my advantages of becoming a Friend?

The Friends will decide which infrastructure is important. They make a number of decisions that affect the development of the village. Besides the obvious benefits of living in the countryside, the Friends will also be shareholders in the village. Each Friend will receive one share in the village.

Who can become a Friend?

Anyone over 18 years old.

Can I test living in the village?

Of course. We are happy to receive interested parties. Before you decide to become a villager, you can live alone or with your family for 1-2 weeks on a trial basis and see everything in peace.

How can I become a Friend? How do you register?

Since the village has not yet been launched, it is not yet possible to register. But we are happy to accept reservations. If you are interested in a residency please contact us here.

Is there a fee for citizenship?

Yes. Every Friend pays an entrance fee. In return, he or she gets a right of residence, participation rights and a share of the village. We will inform you about the amount of the fee in time for the launch. Let us know here, if you want us to keep you informed about this.

Why do I need to invest in the village to become a Friend?

We want to build and develop the village in the community. To achieve this, joint commitment and a joint investment are indispensable. But: It is money well invested and you will become a co-owner of the village.

How can I cancel my citizenship?

Anytime. Your stock will be passed to a new villager. We will act as a broker for the sale of your share for you.

How is my personal data used?

Only with your consent. The data will only be used to improve the village and will not be given to third parties. We promise that we comply with all legal requirements 100%.

When and for how long can I visit the village?

The villagers are not permanent residents, but are visiting the village on a temporary base. Our offer is a temporary escape from the city. Also, the village is not meant to be a holiday resort. Villagers should usually stay in the village between 1-6 months. But, of course, we are flexible and adapt to the wishes and necessities of the villagers.

Can I bring friends and family to the village?

Of course. Everyone is welcome. Every Friend is invited to bring their friends and family. There will be small and large accommodations.

How much do apartments cost?

The prices for the accommodations are not yet fixed. All we know today is that they will be reasonable. That's a promise.

Is there transportation to and from the village?

That’s the plan. There will be a shuttle service in the village, which will pick up residents on demand from the airport or take them to public transport in the surrounding area or to villages in the vicinity.

Are pets allowed in the village?

We love pets. In the countryside, that’s no problem at all.

Who decides on developments of the village?

All of us together. All Friends can contribute ideas and thus help shape the village. It's the democratic way.

What is the village council?

This is the meeting of the Friends, where decisions about the development of the village are made together.An option to participate digitally for those that are not in the village will be provided. Before the launch, we will give more details on this.

What am I specifically investing in?

The Friends are also partners in the village. In concrete terms, they are partners in the residential properties, because it is these properties that they share and use together, and to which they have access at all times.

How much can I invest? Is there a min. or max.?

Each Friend receives one share. This way we ensure that no resident with a higher percentage of shares and voting rights can dominantly influence the development of the village. Democracy reigns here.

Will there be special offers for corporate clients?

Yes. We will also offer project teams from companies the opportunity to work in the village. For companies, however, special conditions apply. For further information please contact us here.

Can you arrange an offsite with your company?

The life and peace of the villagers must not be disturbed. But happy to discuss your requests in detail. Please contact us here.

What is the status of the project?

We are working flat out on the implementation, are currently looking for a suitable village, and are in touch with experts and Friends for feedback. The project is very complex and we want to find the perfect location for the village. Therefore we ask you for a little patience. If you are interested in current developments, please register here.

What is a Friend?

We call Friends those who become residents of the village. In that function she or he is also a co-owner and investor in the project.