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Image by Dylan Gillis


We make Monday great again!

Only happy employees are good employees. At Sparta, they can fully relax and enjoy the best working conditions in a quiet environment in the countryside.

For this purpose we have developed special offers for companies: Simple, fair, and all inclusive.

Workspace under the Sun

Whether in a team or alone: At Sparta, we boost inspiration and productivity.

For single employees or entire teams, our recipe for everybody: We combine the tranquillity of the countryside with an international group, healthy food, top working conditions, the best entertainment, and community.

Image by Annie Spratt

Smart employers know about the added value and send whole teams, sometimes for longer periods of time, so that they can work on their projects in peace and quiet in the seclusion where they find the best working conditions and where they are fully catered for.

Your Team Offsite in the Countryside

Sometimes it takes a change of location to create something new, to get a fresh impulse, or simply to let your thoughts run free. In the midst of nature, Sparta offers many possibilities for group work, team events, and individual celebrations. The possibilities are endless.

Get in touch for more information on our exclusive deals for your offsite or second office in the countryside.

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