Your Chance to Participate

Complement the vision

If you consider moving into the village, what would you need? What is important for you? Accessibility? Specific housing? Leisure facilities? Connectivity? Village size? Climate? To build a village worth living in, we depend on the input of our Friends. Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know how you would like the village to look like.

Decide on developments

Our future residents will know best what they need and want. That is why we will give them a say in decision-making in the development of the village. Within the overall development plan, there is plenty of room for creativity, renovation, and upgrading. The community will decide how to use empty fields. Be it a soccer pitch, an open-air theatre, or simply a patch. Everybody is invited.

Co-own the village

We will all co-own the village. With your investment you automatically receive the right to live temporarily in the village. At the same time, your share gives you a voice in all important decisions concerning the development of the village. The price is not yet fixed. But, no matter: We will all benefit from the growth of the village. And: You can sell your share at any time. The demand determines the price. The whole world is invited to buy in.