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We are a team of four Friends from Spain and Germany. We are all urbanites, but as with so many, the longing for more nature, more tranquility, and more space hit us at some point.


That is when we started searching for such a place, for the perfect hamlet. Spain offers ideal conditions: Nice weather, lots of space and many abandoned beautiful villages.

We finally found Sparta and relaunched it in August 2021.



Like our Friends we are people from different parts of the world. And like our Friends everybody is good at something.

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Together with you, we want to develop a village where like-minded people can realize their ideas and everyone who wants to can actively participate in shaping the village.


So we are reaching out, looking for everybody who shares our ideas and enthusiasm. If you are one of us: get in touch, join us, and together we build a global village.

The world will be guests in Spain. We want to be good guests and good neighbors. To this end, we defined our own "Principles of Good Citizenship".


Nature is precious. Organic food, a sustainable lifestyle, and responsible living close to nature are considered natural for us.    


We want to give something back. We connect to the local farmers and markets. The village will be fully embedded in the local neighborhood. 



We want to be a productive part of the local culture and bring it closer to our guests. Our village will be fully integrated into the local culture because a village always includes neighbors.

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