Shared value

Bigger than the sum of each of us.

Part-own and don’t worry

A fancy house on the beach? Nice, but its expensive and a huge hassle. So, better co-own your secondary home. Visit it when it suits you. Come back anytime and enjoy your village. Whenever you visit your village, you can choose a place that suits your needs best. 

Small investment for great value

From many small investments, we build something big. Every Friend, every investor automatically becomes a co-owner of the village. As such, he or she naturally has a say in the development of the village, because it is your village too.

Always a perfect fit

With your investment, you automatically receive the right to live temporarily in the village. At the same time, your share gives you a voice in all important development decisions. The price is not yet fixed. But: You can sell your share at any time. The demand determines the price.