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Welcome to

Village Sharing 2.0

Hamlets Friends will soon launch a village in Spain, open for sharing with all those that are looking for coworking and coliving in the countryside. Everybody is invited to co-own and participate.

We are still planning, but feel free to help us build the best of all worlds!


Mission and Vision

We will inherit an abandoned village in Spain and revive it together with you for coliving and village sharing. Together, we create a real temporary second home alternative in the countryside. In nature, but fully connected to the world and fully equipped to create ideal living and working conditions.

We will build a place where everyone is invited to participate. From everywhere. A global village of like-minded people. Your village. Because you know best how this place should look like, what you need.


Co-Working Retreat

Why shouldnt people who can work from anywhere work in beautiful places? Well build that environment in the countryside. Space, where silence is king and creativity can thrive. 


Your Chance to Participate

Complement the vision

Complement the vision

We invite you to start participating today. Share your thoughts and let us know how you would like the village to look like. Join the community!

Decide on developments

Decide on developments

Our Friends will know best what they need and want. That is why we will give them a say in decision-making in the development of the village.

Image by Jen Theodore

Co-own the village

The Friends will co-own the village and will benefit from the growth of the village financially. Their initial investment will allow the village to develop swiftly. The whole world is invited to buy-in.

Get in touch & share your ideas

Any comment will help us build a better place. Just drop us a short note and share your ideas.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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