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  • What is Hamlet's Friends?
    We are a team of professionals from Spain and Germany. Urbanites that love the countryside and have therefore decided to create a space that combines the best of both worlds. A space that provides all the infrastructure that we are used to in the city while enjoying nature.
  • Where is the village?
    Nuño Gómez is a municipality located in the province of Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. Madrid, Toledo, and Ávila are not more than 1 hour by car. And the village is just a 20 minutes ride to Talavera de la Reina - the next biggest town.
  • What infrastructure is provided?
    There is a small shop, a medical center, a public pool, a pharmacy, a padel court, a bar and restaurant, and much more already. However, we make sure that everything our Friends need for their everyday lives is available in the village or the immediate vicinity. We have already installed high-speed internet. To this end, we will also set up a shuttle service to provide the village and its inhabitants with the most essential things on demand.
  • Will there be internet in the village?
    Of course. A perfect internet connection is the most important thing for the Friends, who eventually will come to the village to work. We want there to be the best reception in the whole village.
  • Will there be a bar or restaurant in the village?
    There is a bar and restaurant already in the village and we are working to add further offers to our Friends. There are also culinary offers in the surrounding villages. In any case all apartments have kitchens.
  • Is there transportation to and from the village?
    That’s the plan. There will be a shuttle service in the village, which will pick up residents on demand from the airport or take them to public transport in the surrounding area or to nearby villages. Moreover, there are trains to the nearby city and a bus stop one minute walk from our coworking space.
  • When and for how long can I visit the village?
    The villagers are not permanent residents, but are visiting the village on a temporary base. Our offer is a temporary escape from the city. Also, the village is not meant to be a holiday resort. Villagers should usually stay in the village between 1 week and 6 months. But, of course, we are flexible and adapt to the wishes and necessities of the villagers.
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